International Machine and Welding, Inc.

International Machine and Welding, Inc. caters to the Heavy Equipment Industry, providing the services necessary to keep mission critical equipment operating. Its predecessors, Florida Equipment and Service and Florida Machine and Welding, founded in the 1960s began serving the phosphate and citrus industries then expanded to serve every heavy industry in the region.

International Machine and Welding operates three divisions that provide specialized machining, repair and re-manufacturing as well as part sales internationally.

American Commerce Solutions Office


The company is located in a stand-alone building in Bartow, Florida. It is a two story structure of approximately 38,000 square feet on 5 acres of fenced property in an industrial park.


The Company has millions of dollars in field service trucks, transport w/lowboy trailer, tandem flatbed trucks, parts delivery trucks, 15-ton hydraulic boom truck. The Company has a wide variety of lathes, mills, welding and grinding equipment. It also has a separate 7,500 square foot sandblasting and painting facility.


Machine & Welding

International Machine and Welding has some very unique capabilities. It has the capacity to precisely machine pieces up to 55 feet in length and up to 20 feet in diameter. This makes the Company one of the only facilities in the Southeast capable of this type of work. The Company can machine or repair equipment the size of a small building. For an added source of revenue, the company has specialized transporters that can haul this large equipment to its facility for processing and back to the customers. In cases where the equipment cannot be transported, the Company has the field capability to weld and machine right at the customer’s facility. Careful planning, top quality and quick turn around ensure the customer’s downtime is minimized. The company avoids the small machine work that tends to be highly competitive and yields low margins in favor of its unique capabilities for which it can demand a premium.

Equipment Repair

The company has one of the finest Construction Equipment repair and service organizations in the Southeast. This work requires very specialized equipment and expertise. The Company repairs and re-manufactures components of construction equipment such as tracks and undercarriages, engines, axles and final drives, transmissions, hydraulic pumps, valves, motors, cylinders, frame structures, and attachments, cabs and accessories.

The company can provide field service around the clock, 7 days a week. The company can pick up equipment from the job site such as bulldozers and cranes, repair or remanufacture them, then return the equipment back to the site. The Company has contracts with municipalities to maintain their road equipment as well as equipment located in landfills and other specific sites.


The company is an independent dealer for all brands of construction equipment. It sells new, used, and reconditioned OEM and OEM equivalent replacement parts. The Company has access to a network of dealers and OEMs ensuring it receives the best possible price and can locate the hard-to-find components. Much of this Division’s sales are exported outside the United States. The Parts Division also supports the Equipment Repair Division.

Our People

The Company boasts of very low turn-over rate. Traditionally, the industry experiences a fairly high turn over. There are employees that have been with the Company for 30 plus years. This stability adds to the Company’s productivity and quality. The employees are made to feel part of the team, going above and beyond the call of duty.

Since the work is so specialized, a relatively small staff is required. The company employs approximately 25 highly skilled, dedicated people.

Arrival C2 cylinder

Delivery of a C6 Cylinder to IMW. This particular piece weighs in at 41 tons and stands 11 feet high. IMW’s Betts 16 foot vertical mill will be used to machine both the top and bottom flange.

C6 Cylinder arrives for machining

Work in progress C2 cylinder

Machining and drilling of a C2 cylinder. Pictured also, IMW’s Mauser drill press on a structural steel stand, specially fabricated in house to meet the task of drilling the 11 foot high cylinder.

Full view C3/ Betts & Crew

A Wide angle view of the Betts C3 job and its crew. The opening you see behind the Betts occurred courtesy of Hurricane Charley. IMW crew and contractors accomplished a tremendous amount of repairs to machines and buildings in a very short period of time to regain full use of the shops facilities.

The Mauser Drill Press seated on its specially fabricated stand. If you notice a similarity in the stand’s material and the structural steel of IMW’s building, you are not mistaken. A portion of the steel torn from IMW’s building by hurricane Charley was used in the drill stand fabrication.